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SPEAKERS: Misaki Uchida, Rikuo Miyamoto, Rinka Terashima, Alex Emerson
Last year, Hiroshima experienced one of the worst flood disasters, affecting the Japanese economy and society. ‘Apocalyptic’ floods continue to affect mankind all over the world and pose the most threat to people in less developed areas with little infrastructure. In order to prevent and combat floods, regions must have the necessary funds. However, in developing areas, long-lasting aid cannot be carried out due to the lack in this measure. We plan to provide this by spreading awareness using posters and social media to urge more people to make donations. The first problem in Japanese society is that information on flood disasters that occur in other countries are not taken up on media and shared. We will use photographs of international floods to show how people from different countries experience the same disasters as we do. We intend to collaborate with photographers and nongovernmental organizations in order to strengthen our movement. Although our plan will first take place in Shibuya on a small scale, we hope to expand it into an international movement. A photo is worth more than a thousand words, and it has the ability to connect people across the globe.
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